Welcome to Minneapolis Wing Chun

We are an established martial arts club based in Minneapolis. We welcome all levels of practitioners, from complete beginners to advanced students, to join us. We train in an informal, but focused atmosphere, and our goal is to develop superior self-defense ability, and a healthy mind and body.

Unlike some hard styles of Wing Chun, which give the advantage to the young and the strong, our school emphasizes the internal aspects of the art for skills that can be utilized more effectively by anyone willing to learn them, and truly last a lifetime.

NOTE Due to Covid, we have suspended our usual training times and venue. We are continuing to do some masked training at temporary locations until we find something permanent. We are only inviting fully vaccinated individuals at this point. Please contact us for current training details.

For more info contact:

Reid Matko

Peter Sohal

E-mail: petersohal@gmail.com  Phone:  612-501-0524

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