About Us

Wing Chun is a direct and effective self-defense system for men and women of all ages. It is designed to allow you to defend yourself against larger attackers through proper technique and body structure, just as it promotes physical health and mental confidence.

Our group is a non-profit organization committed to teaching a classical martial art that has proven self-defense applications.

The branch of Wing Chun that we practice is from Leung Sheung, Yip Man’s number one student. We are affiliated with Kenneth Chung, a long-time student of Leung Sheung, who is one of the top Wing Chun teachers in the world.

If you would like to visit us to observe a class this can be arranged. Please make an appointment using the contact information below (email preferred). If you wish to train with us our fees are $60 per month (train as much as you want). There is no uniform to buy or contract to sign.

For more info contact: Reid Matko or Peter Sohal at Minneapolis Wing Chun

E-mail: minneapoliswingchun@gmail.com  Phone: 612-872-1309 or 612-501-0524